archeo ~a darkened room filled with ancient artifacts, dusty leather books and tobacco stained papers, a proper cup of black tea, dark spices and herbs, golden amber, and a drop of spilled liquor

batik ~smoky beeswax & resin darkened honey

bittersweet ~raw cocoa and rich cocoa absolute pierced with sweet peppermint

black mint tea ~fragrant black tea spiked with sweet mints

blood orange cacao ~crimson blood orange, frankincense and bourbon vanilla meet with cocoa absolute, rich cocoa powder and orange peel

cinnamon girl ~creamy vanilla, sticky molasses, and fresh coconut shreds, lit with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg

corsair ~key lime, fresh ginger, cardamom, sweet coconut milk, black tea and silk

empire ~precious vanilla and glimmering amber, entwined with long forgotten incense

gloaming ~vanilla, dark patchouli, amber, yellow mandarin and red clove

goblin ~pomegranate, green apple, quince, raspberry, lemon, blood orange, green mandarin, ruby red grapefruit, vanilla, a drop of jasmine and a smattering of gold dust (to appease the goblin merchants)

lavender marshmallow ~powdery marshmallows infused with lavender kashmir, and darkened with cocoa absolute

lovehound ~intoxicating amber deepened with sandalwood, soft spices and a drop of Moroccan rose

marzipan & shortbread ~sweet almond paste and crispy shortbread cookies

milk & nectar ~luscious peach and mango nectar, sweet milk, honey and a dash of cardamom and nutmeg

milkflower ~french lavender sweetened with caramelized milk, lavender flower honey, and resinous copaiba balsam

mintleaf & mocha ~creamy coffee butter blended with cocoa absolute, cocoa and sweet peppermint

orange blossom tea ~mandarin orange, neroli and subtle black tea

pan ~lime, green mandarin, coriander, bergamot, and green tea

pomona ~candied clove, sparkling yuzu, tart pink grapefruit,   bitter orange and lemon

pumpkin lavender ~sweet hungarian lavender smashed with fresh pumpkin and drizzled with pumpkin blossom honey

rasa ~hot ginger creamed with coconut milk, nutmeg, apricot, nectarine, mandarin, dark patchouli and sandalwood

raspberry honey ~raspberry flower honey & sweet black raspberries

roma ~spicy cardamom, crimson blood orange and golden mandarin

sweet jane ~the dusty streets of a lawless gold rush town, canned peaches with cinnamon, and the threat of gun smoke in the air  

sword & lion ~smooth black tea leaves, orange peel, sweet hay, dark myrrh and exotic spices

turkish cocoa ~a darkly decadent trio: vanilla marshmallows thickly dusted in dark cocoa, hazelnut ganache, and a shot of coffee brewed with cinnamon and pink pepper

witch-wife ~late harvest peaches, bone white flowers, frankincense, red sandalwood and Egyptian musk


alva starr ~sweet summer melon, iced peppermint tea, golden brown sugar, bourbon vanilla, pearl musk

apricot fairy floss ~spun vanilla sugar, apricot essence

arethusa ~ watery cucumber, white sugar, green sea water, salty kelp, crushed seashells and vetiver

boardwalk ~caramel popcorn, pink cotton candy, assorted penny candy, salty ocean spray

coconut cream & peaches ~ripe peaches drenched with coconut cream

dragonfly ~white melon, spiced coconut milk, sandalwood, myrrh, and golden amber

fairgrounds & fireworks ~freshly squeezed lemonade sweetened with blackberry syrup and a wisp of fairy floss

fathom ~ the blackest of seas, lingering gunpowder, faded leather, salty crates of tea leaves, sugar, tobacco, black pepper, allspice, clove, bay leaf and carnation, and sea-worn wood

fern & elf ~cherry lemonade pops, aloe leaf, green tea, fern, green grass

galleon ~golden bananas, creamy chai spices, jaggery, Indonesian sandalwood, vanilla pods, and dark rum

gillyflower ~sweetly spiced carnation and soft incense

lady grey ~sweet Darjeeling tea with tart lemon and bergamot, a splash of rosewater, a drop of wild honey, and a crumb of tea cookie

legend ~the scent of apple orchards and dandelion fluff in the air, warm chamomile tea, linden blossoms, dried apricot, blue tansy, sweet clover, and rock moss

may queen ~forest berries of black, blue, and elder, silver needle tea, a hawthorn bower, moist earth, and sweet davana flowers

mother-of-pearl ~pink watermelon slices, Tahitian vanilla bean, jasmine sambac absolute, pink pepper, sea water, Egyptian musk and driftwood

skull island ~tropical mangoes and guava fruit, fresh coconuts, lemon, lime and a hint of ginger

star and thicket ~plump forest blueberries, tiny wild strawberries, darkly ambered vanilla incense, and a shadowed wood

summer crush ~yellow mango drenched in fresh coconut cream, frozen lemonade, jasmine iced tea, Tahitian vanilla, golden amber and vanilla musk

tahitian rum cake ~coconut cake soaked in dark rum, fresh pineapple slices, orange blossoms, black vanilla, tonka beans, and nutmeg

trinket ~a warm breeze carries with it the scent of spice markets and ceremony: golden champaca, jasmine sambac, soft spices, honey, sandalwood, oud

under the ivy ~delicate yellow cakes decorated with wild strawberries, tiny wildflowers, vanilla pods, and white musk

wick ~sun-warmed garden vines spilling over crumbling stones, rooted in rich, sweet soil, and a tiny crush of wildflowers


burying tree ~wild apples mulled with warm spice, twisted oaks, black fir needles, dark earth, and crisp autumn air

claw and cobblestone ~black coffee, warmed jack o' lanterns, cinnamon, black pepper and cardamom, gingersnaps, fresh cream, and a smear of aged black patchouli

cloak ~overripe bog blueberries, wet fir needle, frankincense, dusty clove, sweet champaka, and a tendril of smoke

coffee fiend ~dark roast coffee swirled with bitter cocoa and spiked with autumnal spices

the collector's cabinet ~faded flower petals, browned parchment, dried fruit peels, cloth pouches of sweet pipe tobacco, earthen vessels filled with sticky resins and dried spices, chunks of dusty honeycomb, and crumbling bones

the drying house ~freshly dried herbs, spices, and bundles of sweet hay

gloomy sunday ~dusty carnations, warm spiced tea, and antique sandalwood perfume

golden pumpkin ~sweet pumpkin pulp, golden amber, warm spices, hot butterscotch, and a drip of honey

pavor nocturnus ~smoky labdanum and glowing amber shadowed with spiced black tea and agarwood

rising ~captured swirls of smoke from a protecting bonfire, ancient incense, and sweetly rotten forest berries

salem harbor ~sumatran black pepper, south pacific sandalwood, cantonese tea, the dust of dark spices, barrels stained with molasses, and cold, brackish waters

tell the bees ~golden honey infused with wildflowers and family secrets: rich honey, berry wine, sticky beeswax, wildflowers, almond milk, champaka, frankincense, clove, cinnamon and dry wood

tricky ~fistfuls of black licorice, a shot of chartreuse, black vanilla cake, and clove smoke

winchester ~worn brown leather, sweet tobacco leaf, incense, amber, labdanum and smoldering woods


alms ~the cold winter air filled with the comfort of fresh cinnamon rolls smeared with warm frosting, a sip of rum dashed with cardamom, and the faint scent of sweet beeswax candles

doe ~dry oats, creamed honey, bits of apricot, orange blossom petals and sweetened almond milk

courtesan (whipped butter) ~blood orange, jasmine sambac, neroli, clove bud, cocoa absolute, vanilla co2, sandalwood

hush (bath milk) ~creamy milk and rich cocoa kissed with peppermint, vanilla, frankincense and myrrh

kemet (bath milk) ~An ancient blend of Omani frankincense, labdanum, honey, amber resin, sandalwood, spikenard, and cardamom

listening for bells ~deep scarlet wine, a dust of dark cocoa, juicy plum, ripe peach, clove bud, leather, black pepper, incense, oak wood, dark earth

marzipan & shortbread~ sweet almond paste and crispy shortbread cookies

mintleaf & mocha ~creamy coffee butter blended with cocoa absolute, rich vanilla and sweet peppermint

seer (whipped butter)~ neroli, cocoa absolute, sandalwood, resins, vanilla co2, patchouli

solstice tea ~tart blackberries, black tea leaves, evergreen needles, hard candies, dark plum, dried flowers, amber, myrrh, patchouli leaf and winter wood bark